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Cancels Newsmax

AES TV, a cable, internet and telecom provider, has recently dropped Newsmax to censor our news and your voice!

They did this even though Newsmax is now the 4th highest rated cable news channel and a top 20 cable channel!

AES TV dropped Newsmax to keep over 80 channels that have less ratings and who they pay more money to.

Here are the facts:

AES TV claims this was a “business decision”

FACT: AES TV is keeping 11 liberal news channels but dropping Newsmax


AES TV says Newsmax is too costly

FACT: AES TV pays more than 80 other channels that have lower ratings than Newsmax more money


AES TV claims Newsmax is “free” — why should they pay?

FACT: Newsmax never charges AES TV while the service is free. The free stream will end this year.

Bottomline: AES TV’s claims simply don’t add up!

You Can Fight Back!

If you oppose censorship, take a stand with Newsmax.

You can take these steps:

  1. Call AES TV and let them know you want Newsmax on air.
    Call them and speak to a live agent toll-free at 1-260-333-0100
  2. Let AES TV Know You Can Cancel, That You Want Newsmax Back On!
    You have the right to cancel AES TV for cable service, internet, telecom or broadband.
    You can easily switch to a service that carries Newsmax including:

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